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Frequently Asked Questions

Alligators and Rattlesnakes

We are no longer mounting snakes of any kind.

Fish Repairs/ Fish Restorations

From simple repairing a fin to complete fish restoration, Kevin can do it for you. Call for pricing.

How long can fish be frozen for taxidermy?

The best answer is: Get it to your taxidermist as soon as possible. But, we know that that is not always possible. Wrapped and frozen properly, a fish can stay frozen for a very long time in the ideal freezer environment. The longer it is in the freezer, the greater the risk of freezer burn, damages to the fins and other deterioration may occur. Sometimes this damage can cause additional costs to be incurred for the taxidermy of your fish. It is up to the individual, but why take chances with a once in a lifetime fish?  If money is a factor, payment options are available.

Shipping your trophy

Please contact us to make prior arrangements before shipping your raw specimens. Shipments must only be sent on Mondays or Tuesdays, at the latest. When you contact us, we will provide you detailed information on packing, tagging, freezing or salting, and shipping to ensure that your specimen arrives at my studio in the most optimal condition possible. We will also discuss the return shipping options for your mount, depending on the size and shipping destination.

Fish Prices

Sometimes Kevin is asked why his fish prices are somewhat higher than many other taxidermists. He explains that fish taxidermy is a demanding art that depends heavily on the taxidermist's ability to bring your fish "back to life". A taxidermists knowledge of proper anatomy and painting expertise are an essential part of turning that memory into a quality mount. Kevin's high-quality approach combines knowledge and skill with a ONE FISH AT A TIME philosophy that allows him to focus on the individual details of each mount.

Mounting Turkeys

Kevin gets calls and emails asking if he mounts turkeys. Yes, he does standing, flying and strutting of turkey fans. Call for pricing.

How long until I get my deer head back?

Another question Kevin is often asked is how long it takes to get the deer head back. Right now, game heads are taking 5 to 6 months. Lifesize mammals are taking 7 to 9 months.

Freezing fish before mounting

How should a fish should be cared for before bringing it to your taxidermist? Obviously, it is best to get it to your taxidermist immediately. While that is not always an option, the fish can be kept on ice until it's brought in, if it will be for a short time (less than 12 hours, depending on outside temperature). If you are going to freeze it for any amount of time, Kevin prefer that you do it this way: Soak a towel with water and wrap around your fish. Protect the tail from being bent if possible. Place that soaked towel with your fish in a plastic bag, then in the freezer.

What do you need to do a fish reproduction?

Just remember to get a length and girth measurement and a few good high quality closeup pictures of your fish (especially the head) for a beautiful replica of YOUR fish.